Kolkata jackpot is an` online lottery game played within Kolkata city including other regions in West Bengal. If you are lucky one you can bag in huge amount of money in your home. It is very popular online gambling game by infernos.in in which the players have to make a correct number guess to pine the prize money.

Kolkata jackpot is one of popular game in West Bengal. Kolkata jackpot is organised and controlled by www.infernos.in .You can play Kolkata jackpot game 8 times in a single day from Monday to Saturday except national holidays.

Kolkata Jackpot Result Updates:

Live results of Kolkata jackpot declared every day, participants can view the Kolkata jackpot results on the official website www.infernos.in or see live streaming on infernos’ official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Kolkata Jackpot Result Time:

• 1st Game Play 10:30 AM
• 2nd Game Play 12:00 PM
• 3rd Game Play 01:30 PM
• 4th Game Play 03:00 PM
• 5th Game Play 04:30 PM
• 6th Game Play 06:00 PM
• 7th Game Play 07:30 PM
• 8th Game Play 09:00 PM

What is Kolkata Jackpot?

The Kolkata jackpot is the biggest and most played online lottery games over the West Bengal state. The Kolkata jackpot game is know legal in West Bengal; still lakhs of people participates in this online lottery game to try their luck.

Who can play Kolkata jackpot?

If you want to play Kolkata jackpot, then you have to contact Kolkata jackpot organiser infernos.in and call official agent. They will guide you step by step process. It will be good if you physically available in infernos’ lottery retailer shop.

How to play the Kolkata jackpot?

If you are an amateur in the world of gaming, then you can go to Kolkata jackpot official site www.infernos.in or visit infernos official YouTube channel to watch tutorial videos. There are lots of supporting resources for playing online jackpot game available online.

You will be able to find all kinds of jackpot playing tricks and tips given by the expert’s jackpot players in those videos. Once you have learned enough to participate, then you can get the hang of the process of investing in Kolkata Jackpot.